My Photography

New Orleans groupie. Credit: Me

North of Grand Canyon. Credit: Me

Wonder Lake in Denali. Credit: Me

The last best hope for the Trib, and they were allowed to leave. Credit: Me

Hiking in the hills near Las Vegas, I stumbled into a big, played-out mine with movie sets, and post-nuclear holocaust surgical kits and “protein supplements.” No idea who these kids were, but that one should be doing some sit ups. Credit: Me

Two sisters, one newer than the other. Credit: Me

Management is management. Credit: Me

Lithe and beautiful with an artifact. Credit: Me

Never too cold for a beautiful grin for the camera. Credit: Me

An opened, ancient grave and a lone cowboy boot in desolate Nebraska. Connect the dots. Dracula’s a sodbuster missing a shoe. Credit: Me

Juneau between storms. Credit: Me

Even in death the work never stops. Credit: Me

I’ll never again live anywhere as beautiful as here. Credit: Me

Depth in the field. Credit: Me

As The Boomtown Rats sang, there’s someone looking at you. Credit: Me

A brutal snowstorm left its mark. Credit: Me

Look. I don’t have any idea what I was thinking with this. Credit: Me

Camping on an uninhabited island in Alaska is every bit as phenomenal as it sounds. Credit: Me

A closeup of Crazy Horse’s eyes, complete with gleam. Credit: Me

Vermont. Credit: Me

Three days after a deer was hit by a truck, this is all the wolves left behind. If you look closely, you will see a paw print. Credit: Me

Annual Native American gathering, New York. Credit: Me

Aerial artwork during a New Hampshire grass drag. Credit: Me

This is the nose of a train that once rolled through the Adirondacks. Credit: Me

Forlorn and forgotten circus cannon. Credit: Me

A photo of a photo, taken with an iPhone at an odd angle. Credit: Me

A thin layer of diesel forced frost to go vertical. Credit: Me

Ice is much more beautiful than I ever imagined. Credit: Me

The cyclopean bubble alien frozen in water. Maybe too much Two-Hearted? Yeah, maybe. Credit: Me

I’d love to see an explanation for this. I found it on a frozen lake. Credit: Me

Sort of like a hipster alien frozen in the lake. Credit: Me

A fast freeze came in and caught these lake bubbles by surprise. Credit: Me

These lake bubbles could beat a fast, hard freeze that swept in last week. Credit: Me

Lake Superior, late in the fall. Credit: Me

A beautiful girl giving it some thought. Credit: Me

One of 10 children of Korczak Ziolkowksi, the mountain sculptor behind the Crazy Horse Monument. Credit: Me

Celia's royal room

Is she channeling someone? Like, maybe Prince? Credit: Me

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